Aktivsport im Lechtal


Big fun for young and old.
On the toboggan runs in the Lech Valley, this is where it all happens.

Tobogganing is fun.

No question. The "fun-device" was earlier a real "working bull" on two skids. Hay was brought with big sleds, so-called "horns", to the valley from the Städel in the winter. Today, horn sleds are only used in a variety of races - but then very powerful. The small version of the sled is the toboggan. Tobogganing is a sociable thing. The good mood is certainly not for a short time.

There are eight toboggan runs in the Lech Valley. These are largely family friendly and even partly illuminated on certain days in the evenings. Mountain transport is also offered here and there.


We arrange once a week sled fun with curving spirit for our guests (depending on the weather).
Also free sled rental for our guests.

Horse-drawn carriage

Horse sleigh rides in the Nature Park Lechtal

Is there anything more beautiful than enjoying the Nature Park Lechtal in the winter as part of a romantic carriage ride?
Wrapped in warm blankets, you will have the opportunity to discover the Lechtal valley at its best in an idyllic horse-drawn sleigh ride.

Would you like to book a horse-drawn sleigh ride?

You can do this with us or directly at:

Bals Thomas, Holzgau
Phone: +43 (0)664 / 5308441

Alfred Jäger
Elbigenalp Nr. 26
Phone: +43 (0)5634 / 6242

Gasthof Alpenblick
Phone: +43 (0)5634 / 6366

Gerber Markus
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 6348713

Winter hiking and snowshoeing in the Tyrolean Lech Valley

When the winter reaches the natural park region of Lechtal, the landscape shows you its most beautiful side. White snow covers the valley, which stretches from the Lech till the Alps. Nature view will hold your breath for a moment.

Interactive map


Around the wild nature

Winter and snowshoe hikers as well as tour enthusiasts will now find ideal conditions for relaxing hikes in the original natural landscape of the region. The Lech is always at the centre of excursions and ensures relaxing winter days away from the hectic ski places. On 34 winter routes, you will hike around 132 kilometres, which will lead you to the most beautiful destinations of the Nature Park region and invite you to meet very close the wild river and the majestic mountains. You will find cultural and scenic treasures and an impressive landscape of the last wild river in Europe, which is worth to be visited on the winter walks and to get to know.

Extensive panorama routes lead you to promising sites such as the Bircheltsgump mountain residences in the rustic Bockbachtal valley, which offer a view of the extensive alpine valley and the Krabachtal valley. Even the rustic little huts on the Bernhardseck, which are located at 1.800 meters above sea level and can be reached only on foot or with touring skis, is worth to be explored.

If you want to enjoy the peace, just take a breath and enjoy the magnificent natural scenery of the region, you should visit our magnificent side valley communities of Hinterhornbach, Gramais, Bschlabs and Boden. Located far away from any civilization, these are only to be reached in the winter months from the natural park region and lead you directly on often hidden trails into the heart of the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps.