Huts & Mountain Pastures

Serviced alp Stablalm, 1.412 m

Ginther Ernst
Phone: +43 (0) 676 / 722022
Email: ernstgintherstablalmat 

From the Stabl parking lot at the Edelbach, the short but steep path goes to the right, which can be reached in 45 to 60 minutes. If you choose the longer but more comfortable route, you need 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

The farm with dairy cows is "the balcony of the Lechtal" and offers Tyrolean domestic food: ribs and knuckles, snacks, cheese noodles, sweet cut-up pancake with raisins, homemade strudel and cakes, daily fresh milk and buttermilk.

Event tip: Breakfast - every 1st Sunday of the month from June to October

Anhalter Hütte, 2.040 m

Carmen Kathrein
Phone: +43 (0)664 / 4618993
Email: carmenkathreinhotmailcom 

From the parking lot at the Hahntennjochstraße (Passhöhe) approx. 1,5 hours walking time.

The Anhalter Hütte is situated in a picturesque location at the foot of the "Blumbenberges" Tschachaun, northwest of the Maldongrad, in the middle of the Lechtal Alps. On the Hütte, Tyrolean cuisine from "Kiacheln" awaits you with hearty soups, "cheese noodles" and "Tyrolean grilled potatoes".

Sleeping facilities: 14 beds and 75 dormitories

Ansbacher Hütte, 2.376 m

Baraba Nöbl
Phone: +43 (0)664 / 1431009
Email: ansbacherhüttegmxat

From Bach in the direction of Madau-Tal approx. 4 hours walking time.

Sleeping facilities: 27 room camps and 54 matrasses

Augsburger hut, 2.298 m

Hubert Studer
Phone: +43 (0)664 / 9502165 or +43 (0)664 / 73067397
Email: huettenwirtaugsburger-huetteat 

From the Memminger Hütte about 4,5 hours walking time.

The Augsburger Hütte is a very popular shelter in the Lechtal Alps. It is situated on a rocky outcrop from which you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view, and is also the starting point to the Lechtal Höhenweg and to the Parseierspitze, to the highest peak of the Lechtal Alps. The imposing shape of the Parseierspitze and the unique view is an incentive for many practiced climbers to conquer this not easy summit.

Sleeping facilities: room camps 16, matrasses 48, makeshift beds 10

Bamgartner Alpe, 1.661 m

Karl Kerber
Phone: +43 (0)680 / 1551428

From Bach approx. 2,5 hours walking time. The Baumgartalm lies at 1.661 m in the Grießltal, a side valley of the Madaut valley. The alpine pasture is below the 2.509 m high Taja-Spitze and is very beautifully surrounded by the Lechtal Alps.

Berghaus Hermine, 1.308 m

Klaus Frey
Phone: +43 (0)664 / 5339770
Email: infomadaucom

From Bach to the Madau valley ca. 2 hours walking time.

The Berggasthaus Hermine is an ideal excursion destination for any weather and is a place to stop directly on the route of the E-5, before it goes to the Memminger Hütte.

Sleeping facilities: for 50 persons

Bernhardseck, 1.802 m

Armin Hummel
Phone: +43 (0)5634 / 6218
Email: infobernhardseckat

From Elbigenalp ca. 2,5 hours walking time.

The hut is located on one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Lech Valley. Surrounded by the Lech Valley and the Allgäu Alps you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Alpine panorama of the Upper Lech Valley. The Bernhardseck offers not only magnificent mountain meadows, but also a variety of wild animals.

Sleeping facilities: for ca. 60 persons with breakfast or half-board

Bockbach-Älpele, 1.795 m

Harald Hauser
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 9420388

From Steeg 2 hours walking time

The Bockbach-Älpele is located high above the Bockbach valley, from where opens the view on the Lech Valley. The hiking trail to the Älpele goes almost until the destination on an asphalted path through the Bockbachtal. Later the trail forks, one leads to the Gams-Vroni and another to the Vordere Bockbachalpe, the trail goes up and it takes about 1 hour to get to the destination.

Bockbacher serviced alp, 1.467 m

Bruno Hauser
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 3494235
Email: hauser.melittagmxat

From Steeger city district "Prenten" ca. 1 hour 10 minutes walking time.

The hosts serve homemade bacon dumplings, homemade sausage, bacon, homemade bread, cakes and strudel. In case of bad weather, the cosy Almstüberl invites you to relax.

Bodenalpe, 1.564 m

Agrarian Community Strengen / Municipality Strengen
Phone: +43 (0)5447 / 5513
The hut cannot be reached by phone!

In Boden Weiler between Kienberg and Kaisers begins the easy hiking trail and leads on a forest trail through a beautiful, almost untouched landscape.

After just 2 hours a hiker can have a glass of milk and cheese bread, all the products of the alpine pasture, enjoying the view of the Almajurtal. If you prefer to explore the area by bike, you have the opportunity to ride up to the Erlachalpe (uncultivated) at 1,900 m altitude.

Cafe Uta, 1.280 m

Doris Perl
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 845413100 

Coming from the village square in Holzgau, follow the signposting along the Höhenbach to the wild romantic Höhenbachtal. After about 30 minutes you reach the imposing waterfall. After another 10 minutes you reach the fork in the trail at the Café Uta.

Walking time: ca. 40 minutes

Gamsvroni, 1.460 m

Veronika Moll
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 5109602
Email: infogamsvroniat 

From the parking lot at the sawmill in the Steeger district Prenten approx. 1 hour 20 minutes walking time. Enjoy a cosy get-together in the 500 year old, traditional hut and enjoy Lechtal home made male. The wild romantic alpine world will enchant you. The route to the Almstüberl is particularly suitable for families with small children (buggies) and bikers.

Gibler Alm, 1.208 m

Cornelia Wasle
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 843151800

From Elbigenalp on a forest road is reachable in about 30m minutes. The Geierwally circular hiking trail can be reached in approximately 2 -3 hours.
By Jöchelspitz railway in Bach over the Panorama route and the Bernhardsecke Hütte to the Gibler Alm.

Grießbachalm, 1.496 m

Kapeller Michael
Phone: +43 (0)5634 / 6202
Email: infogriessbachalmat

From Häselgehr/Grießau on a beautiful mountain hiking trail in ca. 1,5 hours to the hut.

One of Tyrol's most beautiful pastures idyllically located in the middle of the Lech Valley mountain world. Take a break, experience something special... you will not regret it! 60m to the Schaustollen mine! Guided once a week lama tour, we will bring hiking groups without efforts to the Griessbach Alm by the Griessbach Express (contribution for expenses).

Daily departure between 10:00 am and 10:30 am from the hotel Stern.
We will return at about 3:00 pm.

Hanauer hut, 1.922 m

Werner Kirschner
Phone: +43 (0)664 / 2696149

By a hiking bus or a car to Boden, in 2 hours on the way to the hut or from Gramais over the Kogelseescharte in 5 hours to the hut (alpine hike).

Enjoy the unique view of the surrounding peaks, the beautiful floral splendour of the Parzins from the sun terrace or simply enjoy the Tyrolean food specialties.

Sleeping facilities for 132 persons

From Boden over the Fundaisbach bridge, then over the Angerlebach bridge through the forest to the Angerlealm with mostly closed alpine hut.

Another beautiful view to the Hanauerhütte and Parzinn. Agricultural road ends at the rope conveyor. It goes a bit steeper further and finally very steep in serpentines up to the Hanauerhütte at an altitude of 1.922 m, cultivated from Pentecost to the end of September. It is surrounded by magnificent mountains of the Lechtal Alps.

Walking time ca. 4 hours.

Hermann-von-Barth hut, 2.131 m

Harald Wolf
Phone: +43 (0)5634 / 6671
Email: infohermann-von-barthat

From Elbigenalp in the direction of Kasermandel to the hut ca. 3 hours walking time.

The Hermann-von-Barth Hütte is the ideal alpine training centre and is located centrally on the main path of the Hornbach chain between Kemptner Hütte and Kaufbeurer Haus. Enjoy the alpine mountain air on the sun terrace and viewing the summit panorama of 3000m. This hut is located at the highest altitude in the Allgäu Alps.

Sleeping facilities: 65 matrass dormitory

Jausenstation (snack-bar) Drexel, 1.225 m

Dietmar Drexel
Phone: +43 (0)5633/5649
Email: jausenstation.drexelaonat

In 25 minutes you walk from Steeg – a junction of the main road opposite the church - to the Weiler Ebene. A wonderful view over Steeg can be enjoyed from the terrace. Return to Steeg via an idyllic forest trail.

30 seats are available in the cosy restaurant and 40 seats on the terrace.

Jausenstation (snack-bar) Stablalpe, 1.384 m

Christoph Bader
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 7492836
Email: jausenstationstablalpeat

From the Stabl parking lot at the Edelbach, the short but steeper path branches off to the right to the Jausenstation, which can be reached in 30 to 45 minutes. If you choose the longer but more comfortable trail, you need about 1.5 hours.

The climb to the Stablalpe, in the middle of the impressive scenery of the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps, offers a less experienced guest also a unique experience.

Enjoy the view of the Upper Lech Valley, the culinary delights and the romantic atmosphere... – PURE NATURE!!!

Jausenstation (snack-bar) Wase, 1.320 m

Barbara and Irene Wolf
Phone: +43 (0)5634 / 6678
Email: barbara.wolfaonat 

From Bach in the direction of Ober-Grünau follow the well-signposted path, approx. 1 hour walking time.

The Jausenstation is an ideal family hiking destination. While climbing you have always a fantastic view of the village Bach and the Jöchsel summit. Even in the winter, the Jausenstation is easy to reach and offers one of the most popular toboggan runs - best prepared and easy for everyone to ride.

Kaiseralm, 1.689 m

Agrargemeinschaft Pians
Phone: +43 (0)7208 / 91208

From Kaisers on the easily alpine trail about 1.5 hours walking time.

Eat, drink and linger, in the middle of the Kaier valley at the foot of the Lechtal Alps. Enjoy cold and hot dishes as well as the fresh milk products of our own alpine dairy in the new Almstüberl or on the sun terrace. The Alpe Kaisers is an ideal starting point for numerous hikes and mountain tours. The route to the alpine pasture is also ideal for mountain biking.

Kaiserjochaus, 2.310 m

Manuela and Johann Genewein
Phone: +43 (0)664 / 1556533
Email: infokaiserjochhausat

From Kaisers to the Kaiseralm to the hut ca. 3 hours walking time, Sleeping facilities: for 65 persons; The Kaiserjochhaus is one of the highest huts in the Lechtal Alps. Enjoy an impressive view of the Allgäu and Lechtal Alps, as well as the glacier of the Hohen Rifflers.

Kasermandl, 1.400 m

Kasermandl Betriebs GmbH:
Marianne Knittel
Phone: +43 (0)5634 / 20057

After an approximately one-hour walk from the town of Elbigenalp you will find our newly designed Kasermandl. Enjoy classic Austrian cuisine in our spacious Kasermandl mountain huts restaurant, sun terrace or make a few days of holidays in one of our two beautiful apartments. High-quality comfort with great service will inspire you all around.

Sleeping facilities: 2 apartments (5 & 6 pers.) and 5 single beds

Kaufbeurer house, 2.007 m

Jürgen Schimmelpfennig
Phone: +49 (0)8269 / 91996

From Hinterhornbach ca. 3 hours walking time.

The location in the Lechtal "Hornbachkette" let you enjoy a wonderful view of the imposing Hochvogel. It is a self-catering cottage of the first category belongs to the DAV section Allgäu-Immenstadt and also serves as an ideal starting point for hiking to the three peaks and a transition.

Sleeping facilities: for 50 persons and 14-mattress dormitory

Kemptner hut, 1.846 m

Gabi Praxmair
Phone: +49 (0)8322 / 700152 (hut hotline)

From Holzgau trough Höhenbach valley ca. 2,5-3 hours walking time.

The Kemptner Hütte is the "hub of the Allgäu Alps". From here you are heading towards the Alps. A good home cooking awaits you here. Daily homemade cakes./p>

Sleeping facilities: for 290 persons

Lechtaler Hexenkessel, 1.200 m

Family Ulseß
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 9048644
Email: ulessaonat 

Coming from the village square in Bach towards the church, further in the direction of the "Seesumpf" chapel and then via the Modertal gorge to the valley station of the Jöchelspitz railway - about 1 hour.

Leutkircher hut, 2.251 m

Claudia and Meinhard Egger
Phone: +43 (0)664 / 9857849
Email: infoleutkircher-huetteat

From Kaisers about 3,5 hours walking time. The Leutkircher Hütte is located on the Almajurjoch on the Lechtal main ridge above the village of St. Anton am Arlberg. Since recently, the hut has belonged to the exquisite group of protected huts, which is awarded with the "Environmental Protection Seal of Alpine Association".

Sleeping facilities: 8 rooms, 42 camps, 10 emergency camps, 10 winter camps

Mahdbergalpe, 1.825 m

Agrargemeinschaft Flirsch
Phone: +43 (0)5447 / 5217

From Kaisers about 2 hours walking time. The Mahdbergalpe (also Abergalpe) is located at an altitude of about 1825m in the Almajurtal near the mountain village of Kaisers. The Alpe is a true insider tip for those who are looking for tranquillity, because it is rarely visited. The alpine pasture also offers a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains.

Memminger hut, 2.242 m

Andi and Kati Schmid
Email: infomemmingerhuettecom 

The route through the Madautal to the ropeway of the Memminger Hütte can be done by a taxi from Feuerstein. From there it takes about 2.5 - 3 hours to get to the hut.
The Memminger Hütte is located directly on the E5 long-distance trail below the Seekogel and is the last destination in the Lechtal Alps before hike in the direction of Zams.

Once you get to the hut, you will find homemade meal, prepared from local products. Travel provisions for next days can be arranged at the hut as well.

Sleeping facilities: 21 rooms, mattress storage 110, emergency storage 10

Mindelheimer hut, 2.013 m

DAV Sektion Mindelheim
Email: infomindelheimer-huettede

From Lechleiten approx. 2.5 hours walking time. The hut is located between the Rappenalp valley and the Wilden valley, southwest of the Kemptner Köpfle, on a green area, with a magnificent view of the entire Allgäu main ridge and the Lech valley.

Sleeping facilities: for 120 persons

Petersberg Alm, 1.285 m

Strohmaier Karl-Heinz
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 6182509
Email: petersbergalmliveat 

From Hinterhornbach you follow ca. 1,5 hours a forest path along the stream to the alpine pasture. The last Sennalm in the Tyrolean Lechtal - butter and cheese from our own production.

Here you will be spoiled with homemade dumplings, cheese noodles, substantial snacks, homemade cakes, pies and strudel. Big children's playground for children.

Prinz-Luitpold-House, 1.846 m

Martina and Josef Adam
Email: infoprinz-luitpoldhausde

From Hinterhornbach over the Fuchsensattel approx. 3-4 hours walking time. Enjoy the landscape on one of the most beautifully situated huts of the Allgäu Alps in the area of the Hochvogels and indulge yourself with food from regional products.

Sleeping facilities: for 280 persons

Rappensee hut, 2.091 m

Sylvia Socher & Andreas Greiner
Phone: +49 (0)8322 / 700155 (Info phone),    

From Lechleiten over the Mutzentoben approx. 3 hours walking time and from Steeg (district Prenten) over the Hochalptal about 4 hours walking time.

Enjoy the magnificent flora and fauna surrounding the hut and the beautiful Rappensee (5 minutes from the hut). The panorama with a view of the Widderstein, the Mindelheimer Klettersteig and Oberstdorf will inspire you.

Sleeping facilities: 189 camps and 115 beds

Rossgumpenalm, 1.329 m

Family Hanny
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 7021796
Email: appartements.hannyaonat

From Holzgau via the Simms waterfall through the wild romantic Höhenbach Valley approx. 1.5 hours walking time

The Roßgumpenalm is located directly on the E5 long-distance trail and can be reached by young and old in any weather.

Sennerstüberl Fallerschein, 1.302 m

Greuter Hans
Phone: +43 (0)664 / 5938907

From the Lechtal from Stanzach in the direction of Namlos to the junction Fallerschein. From Bichlbach-Berwang-Namlos to the junction Fallerschein and from there via an easy forest path about 40 minutes to the hut. Family Greuter is looking forward to your visit in the largest alpine village of Tyrol. We spoil you with Tyrolean specialties, mainly of our own production.

Simms hut, 2.004 m

DAV Sektion Stuttgart 
Phone: +49 (0)711 / 627004
Email: infoalpenverein-stuttgartde

From Stockach through the Sulzltal approx. 2.5 hours walking time, 25 serpentines to the "GOTT SEI DANK" curve, a short view back of the beautiful Sulzltal with its lush green mountain meadows, and the imposing mountain scenery of the Lechtal Alps, right at the foot of the Wetterspitze and you are already on the FREDERICK - SIMMSHÜTTE.

Warmth, hospitality and traditional Tyrolean cuisine offer unforgettable hours at the Simmshütte.

Sleeping facilities: 50 camps, 2 double rooms

Sonnalm-Jöchelspitze, 1.800 m

Egon Brandhofer
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 9248435
Email: infojoechelspitzeat 

From Bach or Holzgau 2 hours walking time and over the Bernhardseckhütte approx. 1.5 hours walking time. The Sonnalm is the ideal excursion destination for hikers, sun worshipers and flower lovers.

The alpine pasture is located directly on the mountain cableway station and can be easily reached by cableway. The Sonnalm offers hot meals throughout the day and in the summer you can enjoy a wonderful breakfast in the morning (according to the schedule of events). Guided flower and herbal hikes with a visit to the Lechtal Mountain museum should not be missed. In the winter, the hut is an ideal starting point for ski tours and is located directly in the ski resort Jochelspitze.

Sleeping facilities: for 50 persons

Steinsee hut, 2.061 m

Burkhard Reich
Phone: +43 (0)664 / 2753770
Email: b.reichaonat 

From the Hanauer Hütte approx. 2.5 hours walking time. The Steinsee Hütte, located below the lake of the same name on a green terrace, surrounded by the magnificient Parzinn, is an ideal starting point for climbing, hiking, mountaineering or just relaxing.

Sleeping facilities: 24 rooms / beds, 60 mattress dormitory, 12 winter rooms

Sulzlalm, 1.466 m

Florian Moosbrugger
Phone: +43 (0)676 / 4247950
Email: florian.moosbruggersulzlalmat

From Stockach ca. 1,5 hours walking time.

The trail to the Sulzlalm is a true experience. This trail is blasted out of the rocks and lined with tunnels. Take a pocket or headlamp with you. At the hut, you will be spoiled with hearty Tyrolean delicacies.

Waltenberger house, 2.085 m

Markus Karlinger
Email: huettenwirtwaltenbergerhausde

From the Kemptner Hütte about 3 hours walking time and from the Rappsensee Hütte about 5 hours walking time. The Waltenberger Haus is located below the Mädelegabel on the "Heilbronner Weg".

Once you have arrived you will be welcomed by the cordial hosts with homemade meal and hearty delicacies, which will make every hiker's heart beat faster.

Sleeping facilities: 65 rooms, 6 beds, 8 winter rooms

Württemberger house, 2.220 m

Mirjam and Harald Schultes
Email: wuerttembergerhausgmxat

The Württemberger House is a simple mountain hut for mountaineers and hikers, who go, for example, the worthwhile, but not very simple Augsburger Höhenweg. The valley places are Zams in the Inn Valley, Madau and Gramais in the Lech Valley. The Württemberger House can only be reached after several hours of climb.

The oldest hut in the DAV section of Stuttgart is located at an altitude of 2220 meters. For more than 80 years, it has housed visitors with a lot of charm after their at least 4-hour climb through the Lechtal mountain world.

Sleeping facilities: 12 rooms, 42 mattresses dormitory and 10 emergency camps in winter 4 storage (without heating, with gas stove)