Active sport in Lechtal

Hiking & Climbing

Walking Lechtal - the Lechtal Valley and the Allgäu Alps
are hardly to be surpassed in beauty and variety.

Hiking is, in the summer, undoubtedly one of the most popular leisure activities in the Lech Valley. No wonder the mountains of the Lechtal and Allgäu Alps can hardly be surpassed in beauty and variety.

Climbers, mountain lovers free from dizziness will look forward to a variety of high, more or less difficult mountain peaks. In Bach, in the area of the "Hermann von Barth hut", our own climbing garden offers a lot of variety.

The majority of the holidaymakers of the Lech valley certainly feel attracted by the many pastures and the wonderful hiking trails between sunny Bergrücken and varied valleys. The Lech Valley is not without a good reason called a unique hiking area. Comprehensive map material provides valuable information about the extensive hiking trails - available in your Lechtal Tourist Office.

Biking & Mountain Biking

On a bike tour, you are very close to nature!
The Lechtaler cycling trails lead you into the natural beauty of the region.

The Lechtal cycling trail is especially family-friendly. Although the Lech Valley is embedded in the middle of the mountain world, there are some small trails with different levels of difficulty. You can bike comfortably on gravel and asphalt paths. Over large distances you drive directly next to the Lech or you cross Auwälder. Here you can let the soul dangle. If you're biking the entire route, you will not be able to feel the difference in altitude, despite the height - around 300 between Forchach and Steeg - that's easy doable. And if you want it even simpler, take the route from Steeg down in the direction of Forchach, then it goes just by itself. And you can go back by bus.

Either way:
The Lechtal cycle trail offers everything what a cyclist can wish. As the bike trail mostly goes through the Lechtal municipalities or partly through them, there is ample opportunity to strengthen in a guesthouse or on an alpine pasture. It is also recommended making a short break at a "cosy place" somewhere along the route.
List of huts - Allgäu Alps, Lechtal Alps and Lechquell region

Practical cycling map:
The cycling map is available at the Tourist Office for all cyclists. On the one side there is a map of all the routes, on the other the biking trail - divided into four stages - with the clear description of a route and the altitude chart. There are also tips on "fair biking" and no less than 29 routes.

Here you will find the most attractive routes:


Only not to be afraid of water...
A rafting trip on the Lech is a very special experience.

The Lech is special throughout Europe.
You can get to know the main river of the region in different ways. One of the most interesting possibilities and at the same time one of the most obvious is:
Take a boat and let yourself be pushed along the water, partly impulsively, partly paddling. It is called “rafting” in the technical language. The Lech offers the best conditions for this trendy leisure activity.
Experienced boat instructors make sure that the "crew" surely reaches the goal.
The participants will be equipped with warm-suits, helmets and lifejackets before the trip. A rafting trip on the Lech is also suitable for children.

Gorge Walking:
An adventure of a different kind is the gorge walking, called "canyoning". The Lech Valley offers several, very interesting opportunities, for example, together with an experienced guide to explore one of the narrow gorges. Equipped with a cold protector and helmet, you get insights, which are otherwise hidden from view. As in rafting, however, here is the same rule - you should be not afraid of water- tied with ropes it is necessary to overcome waterfalls, and here and there dare a jump down into a water pool.
The best way is to try. Who knows when the next opportunity will be there.



What seems dizzy to some people
is for others the total relaxation and a possibility to relieve stress.

Climbers, mountain lovers free from dizziness will look forward to a variety of high mountain peaks and climbing parks with middle to difficult levels of difficulty.

Boulderarena Weißenbach

  • BOULDERARENA WEISSENBACH in the community kindergarten

    The hall offers a climbing area of approx. 36 m² with a length of around 11 meters. This is a great opportunity to train skills, physical strength and mastery in a great surrounding. During planning attention was paid to as many slopes as possible of the climbing area.

    Opening hours:
    Tue and Fr 05:00 pm till 09:30 pm, during summer holidays closed

An ice climbing tower Bach

  • Weekly in the winter according to the event calendar – with a guide
    Information at TVB Lechtal - Tel.: +43 (0)5634 / 5315

Via ferrata around the Hanauer Hütte

  • Here you will find a fantastic climbing route with a long rope bridge and 2 variants - further information can be found at

Via ferrata Simmswasserfall

Climbing park Breitenwang

Natural climbing garden Schroffenwies near Lechleiten

  • Difficulties IV to VIII
    Information at the mountain guide Manuel Kerber - Tel .: +43 (0) 664/5314539

Climbing Garden Pflach

  • White wall in Hinterbichl
  • On this wall alpinists trained the technical climbing, they had very high standards.

Climbing Garden Pinswang

  • KRAFTWERKWAND - PINSWANG (Ulrichs Bridge):
    The wall faces north and therefore ideal for climbing in hot weather. The wall is vertical to overhanging.

Climbing garden Rieden

  • RIEDENER PLATTE: Especially suitable for children and beginners

Climbing garden Vils

  • VILSERPLATTE - VILS (Lände): plate climbing for all levels of difficulty

Climbing area Wolfsebenerspitze

Around the Wolfsebenerspitze 2,433 m - at the "Hermann von Barth Hütte"

  • There are numerous climbing routes with the difficulty levels I to VII. The "Hermann von Barth Hütte" is known as a starting point for various climbing tours and routes.
    For further information please contact: Florian Kerber - Tel .: +43 (0) 676/6062098

Climbing tower Höfen

  • A climbing tower with artificial handles, with about 15 meters high climbing tours is waiting for young and old climbers. Climbing is possible at any time at your own risk. However, confident knowledge about the safe handling of rope and climbing equipment is necessary.

    More information:
    Mountain guide office Reutte / Tyrol, outdoor competence in the north of the Tyrolean Alps
    Manager Jörg Brejcha (state - certified mountain guide)
    Tel .: +43 (0) 680/2305098 or +43 (0) 680/2305097

Climbing training at the climbing tower Höfen

  • Every Wednesday
    A climbing lesson offer for everyone. Try the climbing sport under the guidance of a state-approved mountain guide and you may lay the foundation for the joy of rock climbing. Suitable for all ages! Duration approx. 2.5 hours

    Registration: the day before until 06:00 pm at the mountain guide office Reutte (Höfen) Tel. +43 (0) 680 / 2305098 or +43 (0) 680 / 2305097

    Meeting point: 09:30 am in Rieden at the chapel (parking place available)
    Equipment: comfortable clothes, including rental equipment

    Costs: with ACTIVE CARD € 4, - / without ACTIVE CARD € 8, -

  • More information:
    Mountain guide office Reutte / Tyrol, outdoor competence in the north of the Tyrolean Alps
    Head Jörg Brejcha (state-certified mountain and ski guide)
    Tel .: +43 (0) 680/2305098 or +43 (0) 680/2305097

Climbing training in Kraichen near Bach

  • Weekly climbing training between June and September.
    Information and registration at the TVB Lechtal - Tel .: +43 (0) 5634/5315 or at the mountain guide Florian Kerber - Tel .: +43 (0) 676/606209

Flight sports

Do you want to fly high?
Take a tandem flight and you will see the Lechtal from above.

The paragliding flight school AIRsport 2000 GmbH
As one of the leading flying schools in the German-speaking world, we have a comprehensive training program that offers our students an all-inclusive "all-in-one" concept. Like no other company in the gliding sector, our customers enjoy the advantages of a company that offers everything from a single source: we have our schools in Germany and Austria, we produce our own paragliders with our “Team5” brand, have high-quality clothing from "The North Face" and "Quicksilver" in our range and operate our own mountain railway in the Lech Valley. We take care of all our friends of paragliding sports, also beyond the training, and we are a competent contact person in issues concerning the topic “flying”.

Tandem flights
An overwhelming experience also for non-flyers! Our AIRsport Para-Taxi offers you the opportunity to make your first fly. Just make an appointment and you can start. After the careful flight preparation the great flight experience begins - flying pure! We are a state-approved and supervised flying company and fly according to the most strict safety regulations. A gift voucher is available.

Training day
Take off and experience the ease of flying. After a brief theoretical introduction the practical exercises will begin immediately. After a few exercises with the paragliding instructor, first short flights can be done.  Training days are on Mondays and Tuesdays, during the beginners' courses in Lechtal.

Basic training
The basic training is completed in Elbigenalb on the practice slope. The courses are held as compact week courses (from Sun. Sat.). After 3-4 days at the practice slope, 5 high-altitude flights will be completed in the following days. The theory is carried out in parallel with the practice.

High altitude training / paragliding license
The high-altitude flight training takes place at our local mountain, the Jochelspitze (AIRsport-Centre and Bach / Lechtal). There are numerous appointments, which let each student have an individual planning. In addition, there is an opportunity to participate in the weeklong high altitude training in the Vosgesen during spring and autumn. Theoretical courses for paragliding are offered in our new training rooms in Bach.

More information: