Nature Park Lechtal

Immerse into the Nature Park Lechtal!
An area of 41 square kilometres is regarded as particularly protective –
for a good reason, which everyone will quickly understand.


With its impressive natural features, the Tyrolean Lech valley has one of the most beautiful and pristine landscapes of the Alps. The remarkable few unusual features make the valley so unique and worthy of protection!

This largely natural area, featured by characteristic habitats and a variety of rare or endangered species, belongs to the European network of protected areas “Natura 2000”.

Since December 2004, the Tyrolean Lech Valley belongs not only to “Natura 2000” area, but also a Nature Reserve with the official title "Natural Park".

On an area of about 41 km² and a length of 62 km, the Nature Park extends from the municipality of Steeg to the municipality of Vils on the southern-German border and offers a unique and particularly valuable natural landscape.

The wild river Lech creates the landscape of the valley, the flowing of the river and extensive adjoining meadows characterise the Nature Park.

The alpine wild river landscape lies between the Allgäu and Lechtal Alps, which because of its size and shape is of international importance. Due to its natural dynamic and shaping power the Lech forms huge gravel and sandy areas, which are constantly changing.

The Lech and its meadows are a last refuge for many species of flora and fauna, which once existed widely in a wild river landscape. The extraordinary variety of species increases the natural-scientific importance of the area.

For example, you can find botanical rarities such as the Laddy’s-slipper and the Myricaria germanica or zoological species such as the Bryodema tuberculata, the little ringed plover or even the "Bluatschink"...

The Nature Park has set itself the task to preserve the natural and cultural landscape in its diversity and beauty. In addition to the protection function, the Nature Park also tries to positively stimulate the areas of recreation, education, research and regional development.